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Hear what our clients have to say about Mind Your Manners:

We wanted to let you know how happy we are with your training services. We noticed a difference in Bella our Ridgeback
 almost immediately! The techniques you showed us have enabled us to maintain all the progress she has made. She even went to doggie daycare last week and they said she played well with the other dogs!
Thanks for everything!
-Jenn, Chris, and Bella

Sadie is such a great dog but I was so embarrassed to take her on walks. She would pull and jump all over. I took the walking class as a last resort. Really not thinking it would help. I'm so pleased with the results! She is now a joy to walk and always checks back with me when she sees something she would have jumped at before!Finally we can both enjoy our walks. Thankyou so much.
-Kate Burch
After taking the Basic Manners class, I'm a convert. The class structure was so fun and supportive! Everyone got the attention they needed and the games were a blast. I've told everyone I know with a dog to take one of your classes. It was really a lot of fun for Camo AND me! We already signed up for the clicker class!
Janet Hill

Having three children under the age of 6 and three dogs was a bit tricky, but when we added our fourth dog Eskie to the mix it was a circus! We really can't thank you enough for helping us restore peace in our chaotic house. You really took the time to get to know us and all of our personalities. Now when people come to our house they are amazed at how well trained the dogs are. If you ever want to start training kids let us know. We will be first in line!
-The Millcrests

I love the patience and care shown by Zara. She took her time and really connected with our Lab, Harvey. Our children love to play with him now, and we aren't afraid of ruined furniture or nipping anymore. Our family is at peace again. Thanks!
-The Petersons

I am amazed at the range of knowledge that Zara possesses. I never thought she could help me with our dog Duce. She really took her time and taught us about body language and how dogs see the world.She broke it down into very easy to follow steps. Duce is doing great and seeing the world as a much less scary place now. Now that we have the tools to understand him, he's a much happier boy! Thanks so much.
-Matt S.
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