Leadership and trainingĀ for you and your human


Whether you are looking for Group Lessons or Private instruction, we have your bases covered.


 Group Classes

Basic Manners: 
 A class that covers all the basics taught in a fun game filled environment!  You will learn the skills to have a happy well behaved pup. Class covers sit,stay, down, leave it/take it, off, come. We also cover nutrition, puppy issues (chewing,potty training,etc), and how to build a great relationship with your dogs. All ages welcome! 6 week class.

     Rescue Me! : This class is for newly adopted dogs. This  is a rolling enrollment class. We will cover basic manners as well as issues that have developed. Past topics include: leash manners, proper greetings, adding another dog, how to connect with your pup. The focus of this class is to help keep adopted/rescued dogs in thier new homes. Proof of adoption within the last 3 months is required for this class. All ages welcome!

I Can Do That! :
An intro to clicker training. Fun and games for the first-time clicker dog. Class explains the origins of clicker training and how to do it yourself. We focus on the fun and silly. Want to teach an army crawl or a new dance move? Come to class and learn a great way to have fun with your dog! Some basic commands needed to attend. 3 week class. All ages welcome!

What's a leash? : This is a 3 part class given over 10 days. The focus of this class is simply how to walk politely on leash. If you are dreaming of nice calm walks with your dog but  are afraid they are only a dream, come for a walk with us! No prior training needed, all ages welcome.



 Group classes are taught at three locations:

Doggie District South

Bone-Appetite (Ft. Apache/Tropicana)

Bone-Appetite (Cactus/So. Highlands)

 All dogs must have proof of vaccinations and be in compliance with the spay/neuter laws.

Private Lessons

We offer one on one private training in the comfort of your own home.

Our private lessons are specifically geared to your individual needs.

  • Want to learn the basics but don't have time to come to class?
  • Is there a behavior issue that needs to be addressed?
  • New puppy and you're overwhelmed?
  • Have a fearful dog who needs to learn how to trust?
Rescue rehabilitation,aggression management, nutritional consultations, and more.

Let us give you the tools and training to turn your home into a happy home with your four-legged family!
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